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Avalon Waterways unveils HCMC-Siem Reap river cruise plan

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A tourist boat on the Mekong River

US river cruise line Avalon Waterways will operate a vessel from Ho Chi Minh City to Cambodia’s Siem Reap on Mekong River starting in 2012, according to USA Today.

Steve Born, Avalon Waterways marketing chief, told the newspaper Monday that the company is building the Avalon Angkor vessel capable of carrying 32 passengers to sail the Mekong River next year.

The company plans to combine a seven-night sailing on the Mekong River with hotel stays in Ho Chi Minh City and Siem Reap. The total package will last nearly two weeks.

Patrick Clark, Avalon Waterways managing director, said the company’s Mekong trips will be different from those operated by several other lines because it is a smaller vessel.

He said large ships of other competitors are not as flexible as the Avalon Angkor, which can sail from the center of HCMC all the way to Siem Reap.

Clark added that the villages and markets along the river, local foods and the historical sites are some of the "enchanting experiences" of the cruise in the unspoiled region.
Source: TTXVN

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